Junqi wine industry: Watch the World Cup wine, uni

The World's most popular and hottest world football competition, the "World Cup", is coming to the final, and fans all over the world are naturally looking forward to it. And most fans will watch the World Cup live at the same time, will open a bottle of wine, with exciting games, more can let people's blood boil.

China is still one of the most important markets for football marketing in the world, with 289 million fans, according to data released by a big data intelligent analysis platform.


Due to the differences in environment and culture, fans and friends in different places like to drink different kinds of wine, beer, wine, liquor... Junqi wine industry believes that when watching the World Cup, holding a tall glass, elegant product on a few mouthfuls of mellow wine, is also unique flavor.

Either liquor or beer is very harmful, and it is not cost-effective to accidentally expand the stomach, and wine is undoubtedly the best choice. If you are watching the game with a few partners, you can drink a glass of dry red wine in the relaxed atmosphere at the beginning of the game, to add a little mood brewing a little passion, every time to drink a cup of anxiety to relieve the inner tension.


As a practitioner of China's natural alpine winery, Junqi Wine Company has a few century-old vines in existence, which have been planted in 1863 for 159 years. The 1863 Alpine wine, made with century-old vines, is also popular among consumers.

At 1800 meters above sea level, Zhi River mountains, mountains, streams, stable water, moist air, fertile soil, good permeability, good lighting conditions, large temperature difference between day and night, the average temperature is 3-5℃ lower than the surrounding areas, the unique microclimate conditions and unique ecological advantages are conducive to the growth of high-mountain grapes, grape industry has been as a leading local industry to develop.


Under the advantaged natural conditions, Junqi 1863 mountain wine was born. The content of resveratrol and proanthocyanidins is several times that of ordinary grapes. Meanwhile, it is rich in squalene and selenium, which have antioxidant, anti-aging and cosmetic effects.

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