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"The days and personnel change very quickly every day, and in the blink of an eye it is the winter solstice, and after the winter solstice, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and spring is about to return." “

After the frost

Every year after the winter solstice, it welcomes a big cooldown

The winter solstice has arrived, the sun has first moved, and spring is coming.


Drinking alcohol in autumn and winter is not suitable for relaxation

Take it, take it as well. After the cold wind, the yellow leaves are everywhere and the climate is cool. Fill the wine glass with a glass of warm wine, smell it at a flicker, and feel the delicate aroma that overflows to the tip of the nose. Subsequently, Zhang Rang drank a circle of wine, Zhang felt the energy of the wine in all aspects, soft, mellow, smooth, rich layering, gradually released. After drinking, in the empty cup, there is a delicate fragrance, which can not be dispersed for a long time, and a wisp of wine aroma is accompanied by a cool breeze, comfortable and smooth.


Drinking alcohol in autumn and winter, drinking alone is also delicious

And one day, there was no one.

The cold wind jumps and jumps, and when you go all the way south, remove the heat and send coolness. At that time, it is advisable to pour a glass of wine, sit alone in a corner, and look at the wide sky. Let the aroma of wine sink into the heart, precipitate thoughts, and calm the mind.

A cup of heat flows down the stomach, and it can't help but make people's thoughts wander.


Drinking in autumn and winter, the outing is fun

In late autumn and early winter, it is best to travel with autumn. If you enjoy wine alone, it is better to choose a sunny day with clear weather and refreshing air, choose a beautiful place, call three or five friends, bring two delicious drinks, drink wine together, and talk about farming. The purple lines of autumn and winter weaken, everything is bleak, yellow leaves float, golden yellow all over the ground, a bright color adds a little joy, just this autumn scene, accompanied by good friends and beautiful people. One day, one day, he will definitely be one of them.

On the day spring goes east, drink and have fun

What about your good wine arrangement?

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