Olympic champions' message to youth: Nothing can pull you down

Figure skating pair Han Cong and Sui Wenjing, who won their first Olympic gold medal in February, opened up about their post-Winter Olympics plans and career choices during an interview with China Daily.

The interview came as the special issue for Youth Day, which falls on May 4.

Recalling their early career as professional athletes, Sui was affirmative saying she "didn't even have the slightest thoughts of failure." Han went more personal by calling it a "hard choice" to go professional.

Both athletes also talked about their post-Olympics life. Sui is making plans for her autobiography, while a special gift from fans came as surprise to Han.

Citing a famous song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water", which was also the background music at their gold-winning Beijing Winter Olympics performance, both of them stressed the importance of self-motivation in hard times.

Watch this video to see more.

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